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be you. be wagamama

we celebrate the things that make you different

be you. be wagamama

we celebrate the things that make you different
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some of our people

some of our people are front of house. some of our people are back of house. some are great with food. some are great with customers. some are uber-trendy. some are not. some joined us because we’re regularly voted one of the coolest brands on the planet. some joined simply because we’re great for their career. some have pink hair, piercings and tattoos. some don’t

you’ll see some of our people here. people who’ve been inspired. people who’ve moved up. people who can be themselves, be wagamama and be brilliant. if you like the look of us, you might like working with us

be wagamama

if you join wagamama, just what are you getting into? you’ll be part of a great company culture. wagamama is more than just a great brand. we’re a great place to work and grow. we’re opening new restaurants all the time, which means you can progress your career very quickly. 

we’ll support you, develop you, cheer you on. best of all, we’ll reward you too. all of our people receive: competitive salary | stakeholder pension scheme | help with child care | 30% staff discount  | free meals when on shift | staff incentives

and last but not least, we throw some pretty amazing staff parties...

what our staff say

“'s the knowledge that from the top down, everyone will work for everyone else. everybody is equally valuable to the team and can be relied on to do their job under pressure. and more than all of that it is that it is genuinely fun to come to work - that is why we all get out of bed on cold days, that is why newbies quickly become one of us. that is why I love working for wagamama”

mike regan | head chef wagamama cardiff