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information for potential franchise partners

about you

we are looking for groups that share our passion and values and have the motivation and ability to open a number of restaurants within a specified territory or region. prior experience of working together with a global brand in either a franchise or licensed environment is very important, experience of retail real estate and closing deals, being able to build and motivate a team of managers to perform continually at the high level, these are talents that we look for in franchise candidates


we are currently looking for franchisees in switzerland, germany, and other locations in europe. please select your country below to enquire


sadly there are no opportunities at this time for franchises in russia, north africa, sub-sahara africa, central asia, far east asia, canada, usa, central america

why wagamama

wagamama has successfully developed the brand internationally with franchising for more than 20 years. there are franchised restaurants in 22 different countries across europe and the middle east. when you join the wagamama brand you join a group of like-minded people, committed to developing a vibrant successful business with a world class restaurant brand and franchise system



the wagamama franchise system is a "whole life" system with a structured on-boarding process and training for each new franchisee group, with on-going leadership and management processes designed to achieve the maximum potential for each restaurant