chicken teriyaki donburi

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homemade chicken teriyaki donburi

ramen tastes best when it’s fresh from the kitchen. our kitchen, your kitchen. we don’t mind. wherever it’s made it leaves you and your friends full of the feel good. that’s why we want to share a recipe for soul warming chili chicken ramen. so you can try to make it yourself. and if you tell people it’s your own recipe. we won’t tell a soul
make it yourself


2 chicken thighs
10½ oz short grain rice
handful of pea shoots
½ carrot, grated or julienne
1 scallion, chopped
2 tbsp teriyaki sauce
1½ oz of kimchee

to marinade chicken: fresh lemongrass, splash of veg oil, splash of lime juice, ½ garlic clove
to garnish: sprinkle of sesame seeds


1. marinade chicken thighs for 1 hour before placing in a hot oven until cooked through
2. cook rice whilst chicken is cooking
3. add rice to bowl, and place sliced chicken gently on top
4. drizzle teriyaki sauce over the chicken
5. add fresh pea shoots, carrot & scallions to dish
6. garnish with sesame seeds and serve