nyc is coming soon

our story

we first opened in london
in april of 1992 with a clear purpose:
to feed our guests fresh + nourishing food

after two whole decades of sharpening our skills 
and striving to get better each day...

our food

a little ginger to warm you up. chilis that kick. 
noodles to nourish the body and soul.
we believe that eating is the most important activity of our daily lives

what we eat + drink shapes our health + wellbeing

opening soon

flatiron / nomad

26th St + 5th Ave


210 5th Avenue

how to wagamama

we have our own ways at wagamama.
they help you make the most of us.
sharing, trying, choosing.
talking, waiting, not waiting.
this is how to wagamama,
know them and dine happy


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