how to wagamama

we have our own ways at wagamama. they help you make the most of us. sharing, trying, choosing. talking, waiting, not waiting. this is how to wagamama, know them and dine happy

1. we know no order

every dish is served as soon as it's ready,
so you get it at its freshest.
this means that dishes
arrive at different times.
don't wait for others though,
always eat whilst steaming hot
we know no order | wagamama
we know no order

2. customize your meal

sometimes, we'll suggest extra
ways to make a dish your own.
sometimes we won't.
consider your options,
but always obey your hunger
customize your meal | wagamama
customize your meal

3. eat social

we believe in egalitarian eating.
communal tables, sharing, everyone
dining together.
we think food tastes better like that
eat social | wagamama
eat social

4. our green tea always free
hot drinks
our green tea

5. chopstick policy

the wise man learns to use
chopsticks. the wise man who can't
use chopsticks asks a server for a fork
(but also takes some home to practice)
chopstick policy | wagamama
chopstick policy

6. our noodles

are exactly that.
our own secret recipe,
perfected with 100 years of history.
noodles may just seem like noodles,
but to us they’re so much more
teppanyaki | wagamama
our noodles